Is Royal jelly allergy a danger for human life?

Royal jelly is one of the most amazing natural substances; a genuine fountain of youth for some. However, royal jelly allergy is not as uncommon health condition as many are tempted to believe. All people, but especially individuals that are allergic to certain types of pollen should pay attention when consuming royal jelly since its ingestion can lead to severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock.

Lots of people believe that sensitivity to bee venom has nothing in common with sensitivity to royal jelly. Thus, they consider that they consume royal jelly with no further restriction. This is only a myth. The bee venom is supposed to produce certain negative reactions since the sting represents a defense mechanism for honeybees. Royal jelly, honey propolis or pollen grains do not contain bee venom but they contain pollen and other substances that have the capacity to trigger very unpleasant allergic reactions. Thus, before taking royal jelly it is advisable to have a serious discussion with a doctor. The royal jelly allergy symptoms include difficulties in breathing, asthma, a general state of hypersensitivity and it can even lead to death in the case of oversensitive individuals.

Asthma is very common symptom of royal jelly allergy. It has been stated that 50% of people suffer from asthma as a result of some sort of allergic reaction. In the case of royal jelly sensitive individuals, the immunes system considers the proteins in royal jelly as a threat and therefore it begins to protect the body by releasing histamines and antibodies into the blood stream. Thus, histamine determines the inflammation and swelling of the airways, the sufferer being unable to breathe properly because of coughing and wheezing.

Royal jelly allergy might also lead to a serious of health problems and complications at the skin and digestive tract level. It can also affect the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Thus, royal jelly ingestion can cause nausea, stomach aches, cramps and vomiting. The respiratory allergic reaction implies watery eyes, constant sneezing, blocked nose and throat irritation. Cosmetics based on royal jelly might cause skin inflammation, eczema, rashes, itches and even hives.

There are people who suffer from sever royal jelly allergy which can lead to death by anaphylactic shock. The organism has a very powerful reaction against royal jelly leading to a collapse. The blood pressure drops so much causing dizziness and fainting. The sufferer can no longer breath, has pain chests and a weak and rapid pulse. The ambulance should be immediately called for since an epinephrine injection is needed in order to save the person's life. The usual antihistamines have no effects in the case of severe royal jelly allergy. Thus, it is better to consume royal jelly with moderation and care. People should test their allergic reaction to it, before starting any royal jelly based treatment or remedy. If any sign of royal jelly allergy develops it is better to cease its usage immediately and ask for a doctor's advice. People suffering from certain types of medical conditions like dermatitis should not appeal to royal jelly cosmetics or food supplements based on this product since it can worsen their condition.

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