Types of allergens around us

Symptoms of an allergy can appear at any age; however the majority of allergic reactions develop during childhood. These are caused by various types of allergens which are in fact substance that come from the surrounding environment and which in one way or another enter into contact with the human organism.

When speaking about allergies people often asks themselves what is the cause of allergies. According to the scientific studies that have been carried out up to the present, the genetic inheritance plays a very important role when it comes to the development of allergies. Thus, it has been observed that if one of the parents suffers from a type of allergy that chance for the child to develop an allergy increase with 30%. If both parents have allergies symptoms than there are 50% chances that the child will suffer from some sort of allergic reaction. The environment is extremely important as well. Thus, if a person sensitive to a certain allergy is exposed to it for long periods of times in early childhood, there are high chances for the allergy to be triggered.

What can I be allergic to?

There are many types of allergens; however the most common are the vegetal substances (like pollen, herbages and grasses), domestic animals, mites, molds, insects' stings, certain food products, medicines, detergents and cosmetic products.

Bees The vegetal substances are the main cause of respiratory allergies. The cat's or the dog's fur are most of times responsible for children asthma. The pollen grains that float in the air from June to August are responsible for the trigger of allergic rhinitis.

The molds (tiny creatures that live in the house dust) cannot be seen with the naked eye, but be sure that they are present in your house, in the dust that covers the floors and the furniture, in the pillows and the duvet, and in all places that are usually characterized by humidity. The proteins extant in the molds' excrement trigger asthma, rhinitis or eczema. The signs of allergies to molds are sneezing, coughing and have very unpleasant itches. The molds are attracted by warm and humid places. Thus, a room that is not properly aired might turned into a genuine source of allergens.

Food products are the number one cause of skin and bowel allergies. The most allergic food products are pork and fish meat, strawberries, chocolate, cow milk, the egg whites and spinach. Milk allergy that usually affects 3% of the newly born babies disappears by the time the child reaches four or five years. This kind of allergy is caused by drinking milk and rarely by breast milk.

There are people who develop severe allergic reactions to various drugs. The ones that act as the most powerful drug allergens are penicillin and sometimes aspirin. Allergies can be caused even by vaccines such as the anti-tetanus vaccine, the anti- whooping-cough vaccine or the vaccine against pneumococcus pneumonia.

There are also types of allergens that come from insects and parasites. To these we can add the drug and chemical allergens like nickel, rubber, preservatives and hair dye.

Most people have the impression that the allergens struck only in spring and summer, causing seasonal allergies. This is not true. In winter the house allergens do their job pretty well causing a lot of frustration and discomfort. The dust within the house, humidity, pets or deodorants are only a few of the agents responsible for the winter seasonal allergies. Believe it or not but even your Christmas tree might trigger an allergic reaction. The low temperatures bring their contribution, making the allergic reaction even worse.

It is true that we are surrounded by various types of allergens but you needn't panic since normally these substances are harmless for the human organism. A strong immune system might help you overcome many of the unpleasant and uncomfortable allergic reactions.

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