Beauty with honey

Honey is not only a food product or a medicine. It can also be used as a cosmetic product. In fact, honey is a sweet treatment for your skin. If you cannot afford to spend an entire day at a spa center to do not despair! Honey is here for you. This amazing bee product has been used in cosmetics, since the times of Queen Cleopatra.

Cosmetics producers, used honey in all types of cosmetic products from hand creams, to lotion, soap and bath foam. People are convinced that honey has numerous therapeutic effects and for this reason it is widely used by cosmetic producers.

Honey is a product that retains moisture, thus being able to attract and retain fat. Hydration is extremely important because it allows the skin to maintain its elasticity, flexibility and softness. As the skin grows old and it is exposed to the action of environmental factors, it loses its ability to retain water and becomes dry and wrinkled. Its natural moisturizing properties make honey an ideal ingredient for many moisturizing products such as cleansing products, creams, shampoos and hair balms. Honey is also very suitable for people having a delicate skin, including babies.

Beauty with honey Studies have also shown that honey has important, natural, anti-oxidant properties. The anti-oxidants are very important because they protect the skin against the UV rays and determine skin rejuvenation. A too long skin exposure to UV rays can cause a premature skin ageing and even skin cancer. Unfortunately, there are many sun lotions that cause skin irritation and do more bad than good. For these reason, the cosmetic producers have started to use honey as main ingredient of their sun lotion. It is no wonder, since honey has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

A recent medical study has proven the efficiency of honey against germs. The anti- germs agents hinder the development of certain bacteria. Janice Cox, the author of the book entitles "Natural Beauty at Home", states that honey can be used as a remedy for acne and pimples. Unlike other acne remedies, honey does not dry your skin. Honey has a high amount of sugar in its composition and for this reason it limits the quantity of water that is necessary for the bacteria to develop. The high level of acidity and the low content in protein do not offer the bacteria the nitrogen needed for its development.

Numerous researches are unfolding at the moment in order to create alpha- hydroxide acids. These are an important ingredient for body lotions and moisturizing products because they determine the skin exfoliation. The exfoliation process increases the regeneration capacity of skin cells and it confers the skin a younger and firmer aspect. The exfoliation can cause irritancy of the skin and therefore the natural hydrating properties of honey, make it perfect ingredient for the products that contain alpha- hydroxide acids.

Beauty tip with honey: either use the honey based cosmetic products that you find in store or just add a bit of honey to your usual hydrating cream, shampoo or soap. In order to paper yourself even more, you could produce your own honey home-made beauty product. Honey is a natural humectant product with antibacterial properties, which can be used in the moisture your skin and to relax your body.

Beauty tips for having a clean and healthy skin complexion:

Protect your skin from the sun beams- use tanning lotion every say, not only during hot summer days; apply the lotion 30-40 minutes before sun exposure, so as to allow the active ingredients to become active

Clean your skin twice a day- morning cleansing removes all the night skin excretions, resulted from the nightly self-cleansing of the skin; evening cleansing helps removing the dirt, dust, fat and make-up accumulated on your complexion.

Have a good night sleep- you skin is the perfect proof that you are having sleeping problems; in the absence of a good night rest, your body cannot regain the energy it needs; sleeping eight hours per night will increase your life expectancy and will make you look younger.

Reduce stress level in your life- stress determines the aging of the body cells, especially of skin cells; regular physical exercises, massage, yoga, aromatherapy and meditation are extremely efficient against stress

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