The honey beauty lounge- cosmetics with honey made in your own kitchen

Have you ever thought that you can actually have your own honey beauty lounge in your home kitchen? Honey is an excellent remedy for all skin and hair types since it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and has amazing hydrating properties. This amazing product can provide your hair and skin an extra shine, giving them a healthier look. Homemade cosmetics with honey are cheap and easy to prepare.

Shampoo with honey

Honey This is a very simple natural honey shampoo recipe that can be prepared into your own kitchen. All you need is a cup of honey, 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of liquid castile soap. Take a clean recipient and mix the ingredients very well. There are not any special application methods. Just use this honey shampoo in the same way you use your regular shampoo. After applying it, wait for about ten minutes than wash your hair with clean, lukewarm water. If you have oily hair, you can replace the Castile soap with any type of gentle shampoo. Since Castile soap has olive oil in its composition, it might make your hair oilier than it already is. Honey has certain bleaching effects and if you do not want your hair to get a lighter shade in time, it is better to replace honey with molasses.

Shampoo with honey and milk

The milk and honey combination provide the best natural shampoo ever. Milk and honey have long been used as main ingredients of cosmetic products, due to their revitalizing and rejuvenating properties. They are the number one starts of our honey beauty lounge. It is true that in cosmetic stores you can purchase honey and milk based shampoos, however, they also contain harsh chemicals that can dry your skin and hair. Therefore, it is better to use a homemade shampoo with milk and honey. Thus, you can be one hundred per cent sure, that your shampoo is chemical free.

What are the ingredients of this amazing natural shampoo?

The only products you need are milk and honey. Mix with the help of a blender two spoons of raw honey with 1/4 cup of organic milk. Wet your hair and then apply the honey and milk shampoo all over your hair, from roots to end. Scrub your scalp too. Do not expect any foam! The purpose of this natural shampoo is to clean and condition your hair. Wash your hair with clean, lukewarm water, and then dry it gently.

Natural honey recipe for shiny hair

A shiny, healthy looking hair is what every woman wants. Instead of spending a good fortune in beauty lounges or on purchasing cosmetic products, you should better take a bit of time and prepare this amazing natural honey recipe for shiny hair. In order to prepare this natural beauty product, you need 1/2 cup of honey, 1/4 cup of warm olive oil, xanthan gum and four drops of essential oil. First you have to mix all the ingredients into a clean recipient. Then wet your hair and apply the mixture all over your hair, from roots to ends. After the mixture application, wrap a warm towel around your head and wait for about half an hour. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and a light shampoo hair. Dry your hair as you normally do. Everybody will admire the natural shine of your hair. Homemade cosmetics with honey give your hair and skin a touch of natural beauty.

Shampoo with honey and Aloe Vera

This natural shampoo recipe will do wonders for your hair aspect. Homemade cosmetics with honey are a healthy alternative to store cosmetic products. This is a very simple recipe that requires only a few products: one Aloe Vera leaf, two spoons of honey and one spoon of cider vinegar. First you have to remove the skin of the Aloe Vera leaf and cut the gel into small pieces. Put the Aloe Vera gel, the honey and the vinegar into a blender. Mix until you obtain a pale green gel. Apply the mixture all over your hair, after wetting it first. Massage your scalp gently. After 15 minutes wash your hair with lukewarm water to remove the honey mixture and then with cold water to close all the hair cuticles.

Shampoo with honey and pollen

Honey and Pollen The shampoo with honey and pollen is one of the best natural shampoos that can give your hair a healthy-looking appearance. This homemade shampoo is very effective, easy to make and has extraordinary benefits for your hair and scalp as well. You should not worry about the ingredients. You can buy honey in almost every food store, while pollen can be easily purchased form stores selling organic products or stores that are specialized in the commercialization of bee products.
Here are the ingredients that you will need for this very simple yet effective natural honey shampoo: 1/4 cup of honey, two spoons of bee pollen, one teaspoon of liquid soap, one spoon of witch hazel, 1/2 cup of glycerin, 1/4 of orange flower water and one spoon of alcohol. Although, there are several ingredients that you actually need, the preparation method is not complicated at all. The ingredients have to be put into a jar or clean recipient that contain a screw cap. After putting the ingredients into the jar, you have to shake it until everything is mixed completely. Apply the honey mixture all over your hair, as you normally do with your shampoo. Afterwards was the hair with plenty of clean, lukewarm water.

The shampoo with honey and pollen is made of ingredients that do a lot of good for your hair growth and its shines.

Hair balm with honey and olive oil

Your home honey beauty lounge would not be complete without a honey hair balm. Cosmetics with honey are not difficult to make and so is the case of this natural hair balm. Mix honey (half a mug) with olive oil (a quarter of a teaspoon or two teaspoons for normal or fatty hair). Apply in little quantities all over your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic bag and leave it like this for half an hour. After removing the bag, shampoo and wash your hair. Dry your hair as usual.

Hair conditioner with honey

Your hair needs natural products in order to look shiny and healthy. Your homemade honey beauty lounge would not be complete without this hair conditioner with honey. All you need is raw honey and water. You have to mix them in equal parts and then apply the mixture onto your hair. After that you have to rinse your hair twice in order to remove all traces of honey. The main benefit of this natural honey beauty treatment is that your hair will be soft and silky.

Hair conditioner with honey and banana

Honey has various uses in cosmetics, including in the preparation of hair conditioners. Like all other cosmetics with honey, this hair conditioner is easy to prepare and the only things you need to prepare it, are honey and a banana. You have to mash the banana and then mix it with half a cup of honey. Wet your hair, and then apply it from roots to top. Wait for half an hour than rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Honey and almond body lotion recipe

Body lotion This is a natural shampoo recipe for which you need: 1/8 teaspoon of borax powder, one teaspoon of grated beeswax, one teaspoon of coconut oil, two spoons of honey, 1/, cup of almond oil, 1/2 cup of water and if you want you can also add three or four drops of essential oil. First you have to thoroughly mix the borax with the 1/2 cup of water. Afterwards, you have to take a glass measuring cup, where you have to mix the almond oil, the beeswax, the coconut oil and the honey. The resulting mixture has to be put into a pan and kept into a hot water bath for about one or two minutes. Afterwards you have to heat the pan until the beeswax is completely melted.
Take care to stir occasionally; otherwise you will damage your pan for good. This process should take about ten minutes. Once the beeswax melted, put the water and borax mixture into a microwave or into a hot water bath for around one minute. Remove the mixture from the heat source, wait to cool down a bit then put it into a blender. Add slowly the water and blend. The mixture has to cool down, in order to thicken.

This is the moment to add the chosen essential oil. Always store the lotion into clean recipients with a lid.

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