Bee removal from pools and ponds

During dry and hot summers honeybees undergo a vivid activity near water sources such as pools or ponds since they need water in order to produce honey and cool off their hive. They usually prefer isolated places but in dry season they would go for water sources close to human presence. They are not picky at all: a muddy pond is good for them too. Bee removal from pools and ponds is necessary since their might not be something that the homeowner wants, especially if one of the family members is allergic to bee venom.

The process of bee removal from pools and ponds is rather difficult and there are not many options for a person whose swimming pool is attacked by bees. One solution would be to drain for a period of time the pool or the water source thus determining the honey bees to find another source of water. The pool can be refilled in two weeks.

If it is impossible to drain the water source then you have to opt for anther bee removal option. Thus, you might add some vinegar to the water sources that keeps the bees coming. The vinegar will give the water a horrible taste and the honey bees will be forced to search for other sources. However, this is not functional with large bodies of water. Moreover, you cannot add vinegar is fish or other creatures live in the water.

Bees Bee removal from pools and ponds can be done with the help of a mixture that contains 1/4 dish soap and water. This mixture must be put into an empty sprayer can. The bees must be sprayed with this mixture when they approach the pool or any other water sources on your property. The bees are killed by this solution but at least you do not cause any other damages to the environment. The soapy mixture kills only the bees that scout for water not all the bee family. By killing the forager you will determine the bee family to find another water source. The spraying has to gone on for at least a week if you want a complete bee removal from pools and ponds.

If you want to protect the environment but also to remove the bees from the pool area you might provide them a separate source of water. First you have to teach the bees the way to the new water source that you have created for them. In order to do this you might use the soapy mixture presented above. The water has to be put in a container with margins since bees need an area where to land in order to take the water they need. In the beginning the new water sources must be put near the pool and as the bees learn their new way you might get farther and farther from the swimming place. Pay attention to put the new water sources in an isolated spot of your garden. It is best for both family members and bees.

If none of the above solution is functional and you want to get rid of bees consider calling a company that is specialized in bee removal from pools and ponds. The company employees will track the bees and will remove their nest.

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