Bee removal from trees

Honey bees can be quite a problem if they have established their nest in one of the trees on your property. Bee removal from trees might be a quite complex and difficult process but nothing is impossible with a bit of care and proper equipment.

Swarm of bees in a tree No bee removal from trees should be done without proper garments, meaning a beekeeping costume. Therefore, if you want to have your bees removed it is better to call a professional beekeeper or a bee removal company. If you want to do it yourself then it is highly recommended to either buy or borrow a proper beekeeping suit. You have to wear boots and the trousers must be equipped with a strap to prevent bees from getting into your suit. Bees usually sting in the ankle and head area, so make sure they are properly protected. The next step is the tree inspection. It is important to spot the exact location of the nest and see if there is another entrance to the hive.

After these preliminary actions, the process of bee removal from trees goes on with the smoke preparation. Thus, you have to mix liquid smoke and water in a spray bottle. The liquid smoke must not exceed the quantity of one ounce. Then you approach the tree carefully and spray the entrance for two or three times. In order to remove the whole hive you have to cut the tree four feet above the nest entrance and four feet below it. In order to keep the bees calm and prevent any pleasant stings it is better to spray liquid smoke now and then while you are taking away the nest. While you move the hive you have to make sure that no other people are around, unless they are properly equipped.

The next step in your bee removal from trees process implies a bit of caution and some skill. Thus, you have to cut the resulting log on the side but you have to pay attention not do destroy the combs, because then the honey comes out and thousands of bee will be swarming all around you in no time. After comb removing you have to spot the queen which usually hides at the back part of the nest. So as to reduce bee damage it is highly advisable to place a box of a man made hive near the log. If you want to save the honey bees, then you have to place the combs with brood and bees inside the box. The remaining combs should be placed far from the log and you should let the bees eat their food.

The bee removal from trees process should be done during the day when most worker bees are not in the hive but outside looking for nectar and water. There is no need to remove bee hives that are above twenty feet from the ground. They are a threat only if you have a pool, because they have the habit of drinking water from it. Unless you are a pool owner, you should let the bees live happily into their hollow tree.

The biggest problem that occurs after the bee removal from trees is the honey scent that will definitely attract other bee families or swarms that are looking for a comfortable home. Thus, in order to put an end to the bee problem it is advisable to fill the tree hollow with a filter. The tree can be filled up with old newspaper and expanding foam. If the tree has several holes it is better to seal them off too. In order to prevent mice or other rodents to chew the foam and thus making room for new bees it is better to put a galvanized screen that does not rust on the openings and then apply the insulation foam.

Bee removal from trees can also be done with the help of a screen funnel put into an inverted position. The funnel has to be placed at the entrance of the hive so as to allow the bees to exist but to prevent them from reentering the hive. A man made hive has to be placed near the entrance so as to determine the bee to accept a new home. Through this method most of the bees move from the tree into the box but the queen and some bee will still live in the tree. If you do not want to kill the bees then you have to expect until the tree family is too weak to survive and will eventually extinguish.

There are cases when bees have to be killed because they are either too aggressive or their hive is positioned as such that they cannot be removed. Apicide and Seven Dust are considered to be efficient substances when it comes to bee. However, we do not recommend their usage unless the honey bees are actually a threat for your safety. The insecticide can be injected with the help of a dust sprayer. The substance has to be applied for several times so as to completely exterminate a colony.

Bee removal from trees should be done only if the bee tree (the tree where the honey bees have built their hive) is a threat for people or animals living nearby. Thus, bee removal should be dozen in one of the following cases: the tree is very close to an inhabited house or it is locates near terraces, driveways or pavements; the tree is in an extremely close vicinity to livestock or other house pets; the tree needs to be cut since it is too old or dying and in itself is a threat for passers-by; the tree has already fallen over; the bee tree is in a public place like a park, a golf pitch, a swimming pool or an open air restaurant.

Bee removal from trees should not be done in the following circumstances: the tree is close to the house but the hive is hive from the ground; the tree is in the garden but it is rather isolated; the tree is in the middle of a filed and the bees do not trouble the livestock.

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