Wasps and yellow jackets traps

Yellow jackets, wasps, hornets and carpenter bees all have their place in the ecosystem and should not be killed unless they are a threat for humans and livestock. Wasps and yellow jackets traps are quite useful in getting rid of these insects without causing any other damage to the environment.

Thus, if your backyard is invaded by swarms of wasps you can use jar wasps traps. In order to make an efficient trap you need a clean jar. Once you have it, you must punch a hole in its lid. The hole must be large enough to allow the insect to enter but narrow enough so as to prevent it from leaving the recipient. No wasp of yellow jacket will willingly enter an empty jar. Thus, in order to attract them you have to half fill the recipient with fruit juice or you might put some jam just right under the lid. The jar has to be put in an isolated place in the garden or yard. The wasps will find it and will crawl into. They will fly around for a time but eventually they will fall into the juice.

Another method is to use a plastic bottle. The top of the bottle is cut so as to form a sort of funnel. The funnel is placed upside-down onto the bottle. Thus, the insects can easily enter the yellow jackets trap but it is almost impossible for them to leave it. In order to attract the wasps you need to place inside the bottle a mixture made of salt, sugar and vinegar. The wasps like this sour and sweet odor but honey bees do not get near it. Pay attention though! If you put honey in the mixture you might attract honey bees as well, and these insects are by far too precious to be killed. Wasps' traps have to be kept out of the reach of rain so as to prevent it from being filled with rain water. The problem with this kind of trap is that it also attracts useful insects such as lacewings and hoverflies, which feed on aphids.

Wasps and yellow jacket traps might be used with various types of baits. Thus, when placing the bait you have to remember that these insects look for different types of food in accordance with their momentary needs; they might be looking for sugar or for proteins. Therefore, it is better to put two traps with two different baits to see which one is the most appealing for them. If you do not want to put two traps you might use bait that contains both protein and sugar (a ball made of a minced meat and juice). You might also put inside you wasps and yellow jacket traps fruit juice, beer, jam or marmalade dissolved in water, fizzy drinks, sweet wine, molasses diluted with water, raw meat, canned dog or cat food or even the content of a fish can.

If you do not want to use wasps and yellow jacket traps than the waspinator might the solution you are looking for. The waspinator does not harm the insects it just keeps them away. It functions on the principle that wasps to not get near the nests that belong to other wasp families. The waspinator has the appearance of a wasp nest and for these reason no wasp or yellow jacket will get close to it. With the help of this device you do not have to use chemicals or other trap to solve your wasp problem.

Wasps and yellow jacket traps are especially useful in autumn when these insects really turn into pests. Thus, if you do not want to use insecticide that might kill other insects as well, homemade wasps and yellow jackets traps might be the solution you are looking for.

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