Benefits of bee pollen

What should bee pollen consumers know?

We live in a world of speed and paradoxes. In the morning, most people actually jump out of their beds, when the alarm clock rings and go straight to kitchen to drink a strong cup of coffee to help them get to work. There are many who add two or three cigarettes to this so-called breakfast, completely forgetting about the benefits of bee pollen and its capacity to provide natural energy for the body.

Then around 11 o'clock another cup of coffee, than at 1 pm an espresso, a cappuccino or a latte macchiato around 5 pm and then another coffee around 8 pm, since one has to finish the amount of work brought home from the office. Before going to bed, there are many who have to take a sleeping pill so as to be able to fall asleep after so much caffeine.

Caffeine, not to mention energizing drinks (pure bottled death), is a temporary solution. There is a much easier and healthier way to gain the necessary energy so as to face the daily challenges. We are not talking here about an unheard remedy accessible only to the very rich. The solution is a very simple one: daily usage of pollen.

Lots of people mix bee pollen with honey. However, it is better to consume bee pollen separately. You feel as if you tasted a filed full of wild flowers. At first the pollen is a bit sour but after a few seconds one might feel the scent of the flowers.

Little boy holding small bottle of pollenBee pollen is used as a food supplement for thousands and thousands of years. The Ancient Chinese and Egyptians used it due to its extraordinary healing and regenerative properties. Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, used bee pollen as a medicine more than 2500 years ago. Nowadays, the practitioners of alternative medicines consider pollen a genuine fountain of youth which can be used in treating various diseases such as obesity and even cancer. There are many who claim that bee pollen is the perfect natural food.

The benefits of bee pollen help people to: lose weight, increase the strength of their immune system, increase their vitality, get rid of asthma, various allergies or digestive problems, increase their libido, slow down the ageing process, and prevent cancer and other disease. Moreover, pollen grains determine the cell regeneration process.

The pollen remedies are recommended to all those who want to maintain their physical and psychical strength. It is recommended to students and all people who undergo an activity implying a high level of intellectual stress, since pollen has the capacity to reduce tension and clear the mind. This cure is also recommended to children with a weak immune system or suffering from rickets. It is also beneficial for pregnant women and their fetuses. Pollen is also good for old people since it slows down the ageing process.

One thing is certain: people who eat qualitative bee pollen are more resistant to various illnesses and have more energy.

Pollen grains also have to capacity to reduce the cholesterol level. A high level of cholesterol is a real danger for human health since it is often associated with high blood pressure, heart attack and other hearts problems, which cause the death of more than half of the world's population.

Usage of bee pollen according to the flower source:

-acacia pollen grains can be used to cure insomnia and various types of neurosis

-sweet chestnut pollen grains can be used to cure varices and prostrate

-rosehip pollen grains can be used to treat heart disease and fever

-rosemary pollen grains are used to cure asthenia

-lime-tree pollen grains are used to cure insomnia and stress

-rape pollen grains are useful in treating varicose ulcer

-thyme pollen grains can be used to treat frigidity and sexual impotency

-apple blossom pollen grains are used to cure heart diseases

- the pollen obtained from the drying of coniferous trees such as pines, spruces, fir-trees and beech can be used in curing various diseases such as: lipoma, pulmonary emphysema, leicoza, kidney conditions and others; it can also be used to adjust the high blood pressure, cleansing of gallbladder, liver and kidneys; it prevents brain strokes and lovers the cholesterol levels

Choosing the right type of bee pollen grains is quite a difficult process. The bee pollen grains coming from various sources are easier to process and find in stores.

How to use bee pollen grains:

- bee pollen should not be given to children under the age of three

- children age 3-5: 5-10 grams per day

- children age 6-12: 10-15 grams per day

- healthy adults: 16-20 grams per day

- ill adults: 30-40 grams per day

Ways to use bee pollen grains:

- short bee pollen remedies- a month per year; no matter the quality of the pollen a month is not enough to cure a disease and not even to strengthen your organism
- regular cures: 45 days in a row at the beginning of each season, or two cures per year consisting of 90 days at the beginning of winter and end of summer time
- continuous cures: 2-3 grams of pollen grains taken daily in accordance to the person's tolerance and gravity of the disease

Bee pollen recipe

Eat a teaspoon of pollen grains then drink a glass of flat water half an hour before breakfast. After a few days you can eat two teaspoons of pollen grains per day. The pollen grains contain an important quantity of amino acids, vitamins (especially B vitamin) which determine an increase of the energy level in the human organism. There is evidence that shows that even in Ancient Greece, athletes used pollen in order to increase their physical resistance.

Bee pollen remedy for the brains

A complex of B vitamin should be taken daily before the main meals. If to this vitamin mix, you add a bit of pollen, you will feel how your energy levels increase from the first day of your treatment. Both, the vitamin complex and the pollen, have direct action upon the brain cells. Therefore, this cure is highly recommended to people who spend hours in front of the computer or who work under stressful conditions.

Bee pollen cure

Buy bee pollen capsules from the bio stores and take the daily recommended dose. Bee pollen and food
Sprinkle pollen grains over soup, salad, ice-cream, cereals or popcorn. Natural energy
You need: a glass of sugar-free, natural juice, an egg, a banana, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of pollen grains. The ingredients are mixed with the help of a blander and the resulting liquid has to be drunk in the morning. In no time you will feel more energetic and less tired.

Dietary ice-cream

Ice-cream with pollen grains is a sweet and healthy dessert that will help you take full advantage of all the pollen benefits. You need: two peaches (or any other fruit you want), 1/4 cup of honey, 4 mugs of milk,1/2 teaspoon of almond extract, 1 teaspoon of pollen grains and 4 cups of vanilla ice-cream. Mix the fruit, the milk and half of the honey required in a blender. Then, add the pollen grains, the almond extract, the remaining milk and half of the ice-cream required. Stir until you obtain a mellow paste then pour it over the rest of the ice-cream. You can add other fresh fruit to give more flavor to your ice-cream.

Bee pollen drink

Energizing drink with bee pollen grains. You need: 1 ripped banana, 2 dry plums, 1 teaspoon of flax seeds, 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1/2 mug of natural fruit juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of pollen grains. All the ingredients are put into a blender and mixed until you obtain a paste-like liquid. For energy plus you can add a teaspoon of almond butter or peanut butter.

People who are allergic to bee pollen should refrain themselves from using this natural medicine.

Pollen is not recommended to people suffering from obesity; high level of cholesterol, sugary diabetes, and prostate, hyper functioning of the thyroid gland, advanced cerebral atherosclerosis and mania.

ATTENTION: moistened bee pollen has a high level of toxicity

Adverse reaction to bee pollen consumption.
The consumption of bee pollen can cause allergic reactions and therefore not all people can take advantage of pollen benefits. The one who use it for the very first time should start their cure with small amounts of pollen (a teaspoon) and gradually increase their daily dose. After the first usage there might appear some minor allergic reactions that will cease in a few hours/days.

ATTENTION: long administration of bee pollen can cause hormonal disorders

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