Benefits of bee propolis

Propolis The bee propolis has both internal and external benefits for human health, being able to ease or even cure numerous affection, diseases and health problems. The benefits of propolis have been known since ancient times.
You can purchase the propolis from stores specialized in selling bee products or bio goods. It is commercialized under the form of propolis tincture, propolis powder, honey with propolis, propolis water and propolis tablets.
In the lines below, you will find a list of the illnesses, diseases and health problems that can be eased or cured with the help of bee propolis.


The blister remedy is not a very complicates one. You just have to soften the blister in hot water and then apply on its surface a piece of propolis. Alternatively, you can apply on the aching spot a piece of cotton soaked into propolis tincture, just before going to bed. During the day you can apply on your blisters a propolis ointment. However, bear in mind that the keratitis remains painful for days in a raw.

Bronchitis and other respiratory diseases

The bee propolis is an excellent antibiotic which has a progressive action preventing the bacteria development and healing the body tissues hurt by these, thus favoring the elimination of excessive secretions.


The propolis applied on the burned skin area has a regenerating, anesthetic and disinfectant effect; there are propolis sprays, which applied determined the formation of protective layer over the surface of the wound


The research carried out on patients suffering from cancer and who had been given a treatment based on propolis tincture, had encouraging results, pointing out the benefits of propolis. These results pointed out that this amazing hive product can be used side by side with modern medicine to treat this painful and deadly disease. Thus, it has been noticed that the administration of 30-50 drops of propolis four times a day, prevents the development of malignant cells, strengthens the immune system and restores the patient's organic equilibrium.


The propolis tincture can be used as remedy for both types of diabetes. In the case of type 1 diabetes (the insulin addict one), the consumption of propolis tincture can lead to a reduction of the daily insulin dose. In the case of type 2 diabetes, it can determine a decrease of the glucose level.


It has been proved that hepatitis suffering patients feel better after the administration of propolis. However, for a maximum antiviral effect the patient needs to consume fresh propolis.


Bee propolis is a substance that has preventive effects and it has the power to strengthen our immune system. It also has antibacterial and antiviral characteristics, which allow it to be used in treating various forms of influenza. Germs and bacteria do not develop a resistance to propolis and they do not get used to it.

The bee propolis tincture can be bought from bio stores or you can prepare it in your own kitchen. In order to do this, you need 30 grams of propolis to 100 milliliters of alcohol. The bee propolis tincture is obtained by mixing them. To cure your influenza, you need to pour 20/30 drops of this tincture into a mug of tea, three times a day. It will call down your cough and inflammation.

Infectious eczema

In order to treat these uncomfortable infections, it is necessary to apply propolis tincture compresses on the infected area and keep them for an hour. If the eczema is a dry one, then you have to apply a bee propolis ointment or a bee propolis and marigold ointment on the infected area 2 or 3 times a day.

Mycotic infections

Feet mycosis and other skin fungi are extremely unpleasant, uncomfortable and unaesthetic health problems. The benefits of propolis are amazing in this case as well. A remedy based on propolis tincture and celandine ointment can help get rid of this unpleasant condition. The remedy is also useful to remove warts.

Oral candida infection (oral thrush)

This infection determines the development of thrushes and stomatitis within the oral cavity, causing much pain and distress to the suffering patient. The treatment consists in applying a propolis glycerin solution on the aching area

Pertussis (whooping cough)

The whooping cough can be eased with the help of propolis tincture. All you need to do is to add 30 drops of propolis tincture in a cup of juniper tea. First you gargle and then you swallow the tea.


In order to ease the pains caused by this uncomfortable condition, you can use propolis based suppository along with the classical remedy prescribed by your physician.

Rhinitis, running nose, common colds

To treat these minor yet extremely unpleasant health problems, we recommend a remedy consisting of a marigold, celandine and yarrow mixture. Take a teaspoon from each plant and boil them into 100 ml of water, then add three drops of propolis tincture. The resulting dilution is stirred thoroughly. Then you should carefully drip, drop by drop the content of an entire pipette in each nostril at a time.

Stomach Aches

In Indian and Japan, it is widely believed that honey mixed with cinnamon can ease stomach aches, ulcer and bloating. If a teaspoon of honey mixed with cinnamon is taken before meals, even the fattiest foods can be easily digested. Another remedy for stomach aches implies the mixing of a teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water. The mixture has to be drunk on empty stomach.


Propolis can be used in treating tuberculosis. Extremely efficient are the inhalations with propolis tincture mixed with mint, pine, fir-tree or basil tea. Another remedy implies pulverizations with propolis tincture, which consist of 50 drops of propolis mixed with 50 grams of pine or fir-tree tea.


- please test your reaction to bee propolis before using it for the first time
In order to avoid unpleasant events, it is advisable to test your reaction to bee propolis before using it for the very first time. The test is not very complicated: you have to apply on a small skin area propolis in abundance and then closely follow the reaction. If there are not any unpleasant reactions, such as: itches, irritations and swallows of the area, you can use propolis safely.

The use of this substance has no side effects, the benefits of propolis being un questionable. However, remember that propolis cannot replace modern medication, especially in the case of severe illnesses.

Propolis products

Raw propolis

Raw propolis is used for treating mouth infections, pharyngitis and amigdalitis. In these cases propolis has a local action. The chewing of a piece of raw propolis has a huge disadvantage: raw propolis can stick to the teeth and therefore is necessary to thoroughly wash your teeth after chewing it.

Propolis water

When the propolis gets into contact with water, it precipitates, becomes insoluble and loses most of its curative properties. However, when the action of the propolis can be damaging for the tissues, the propolis water is used. This is obtained by mixing 25 ml of propolis tincture with 200 ml of water. The propolis water is used to combat stomatitis, dental cavities and for treating leucorrhea and cervicitis.

Propolis ointment

In order to prepare this ointment you need 50 ml of lard that has to be heated at a low temperature. Add to the heated lard three spoons of propolis tincture and a piece of beeswax. Stir for ten minutes. Then take the composition away from the cooker and stir until the entire mixture becomes solid. The ointment is stored in clean recipients. It has to be kept in the refrigerator. It can be used as a remedy for burns, contusions, not very severe wounds and dry eczema.

Propolised honey

If you mix o teaspoon of propolis tincture with three teaspoons of honey, you will obtain propolised honey. This type of honey is extremely efficient for strengthening the immune system and as a remedy for respiratory and bowels infections. In winter time, propolised honey should be given to children with a frequency of 1/2 teaspoons three times a day, in order to protect them from the flu and other typical winter affections. Thus, the benefits of propolis can be used in the cure of various health problems

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