Ginger and honey

Honey and ginger can be successfully used in treating respiratory diseases. They both have string healing capacities but when taken together their benefits increase.

What is ginger?

Ginger is in fact an herb, whose rhizome is used as a spice and as a medicine. Its cultivation began in South Asia and spread to East Africa and the Caribbean. It is used in various forms: fresh, powdered, and dried or as a juice or oil.

Ginger and honey benefits

Ginger with lemon and honeyThe honey and ginger combination is used to treat a series of illnesses and diseases such as:
Respiratory affections: the honey and ginger mixture is an excellent expectorant, providing a rapid healing to a person suffering from cough, cold, and sore throat or running nose.
Asthma: it is believed that the mixture of ginger, honey and black pepper can reduce and even treat asthma
Indigestion: the ginger and honey tonic can be used as a digestive drink due to the digestive properties of ginger; both honey and ginger have antioxidant properties and can be used to strengthen the immune system; thus, the consumption of this tonic is extremely beneficial to people suffering from digestive problems

There are also candies with honey and ginger, but they are not as efficient as the fresh product. However, they can be used while travelling, especially by people suffering from "car sick".
Honey can be added to ginger in order to make it sweeter. Moreover, honey can be added to gingerbread, ginger cookies, ginger beer and any other product containing ginger.


The use of ginger during pregnancy is a controversial issue. Therefore, pregnant women should ask their doctor before taking ginger.

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