Milk and honey

Milk and honey on table The milk and honey combination has numerous benefits for our health, strengthening the immune system and embellishing the skin.
The studies and researches undergone so far, have pointed out that the milk and honey combination has the capacity to destroy various staphylococci. This combination is more powerful than milk and honey taken separately.
A glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey is the perfect remedy for constipation, flatulence and digestive problems. This combination is also used in curing respiratory diseases.
A glass of warm milk with two-three teaspoons of raw honey strengthens the immune system. Milk contains proteins and honey the carbohydrates necessary for a good metabolism functioning. Milk and honey is a harmless combination even for children and senior people.
The healthiest remedy for sleepless nights is a glass of warm milk with honey just before going to bed.

Milk and honey for skin protection

Skin protection: both honey and milk have antibacterial and cleaning properties. When combined, the healing properties of these two elements increase. Therefore, numerous cosmetic products are made of milk and honey. It is also known that a bath in milk and honey has beneficial effects over the skin. This combination is used in numerous beauty centers throughout the world. In ancient Greece, Rome, India and Egypt, people used to drink milk and honey in order to preserve their youth and stamina. This drink was often called, the elixir of life.

Body lotion with milk and honey

The legend says that Queen Cleopatra used to have a bath in milk and honey in order to have a firm and glowing skin. For the majority of people having a bath in milk and honey is an extravagance that they cannot afford. However, we can take advantage of the refreshing properties of milk and honey by using the following home-made lotion: Ingredients: 1/2 mug of milk, 1/2 mug of water, 3/4 mugs of jojoba oil, 1/4 mugs of honey, 2 teaspoons of citric acid, honeybee wax, butter. Utensils: 2 pots, blender/mixer, bowl for stirring, wooden spoon, spatula, funnel, an air-tight plastic recipient for storing the lotion, refrigerator and a cooker

How to make the milk and honey lotion:

1. In a big pot, boil the milk and the water until they reach the boiling point. Cover the pot and then take it from the oven

2. In a separate pot stir the oil, the wax, butter and honey at a low heat until the whole mixture is melted and completely mixed; do not forget to constantly stir during the mixing process and take care not to boil the mixture

3. Combine the two mixtures; slowly pour the oil mixture into the watery mixture; stir gently with a wooden spoon while combining the two mixtures; after obtaining a homogenous paste add the citric acid and keep on stirring.

4. The resulting mixture is put into a blender and stirred for about two minutes; the lotion should become creamier as you keep on stirring

5. Store the lotion- with the help of a spatula and funnel pour the lotion into clean jars and bottles; close hermetically the recipients and leave them in the fridge for about eight hours; the mixture will be three times more solid after fridge storage; the lotion can be used for maximum a month; you have to keep the lotion in the refrigerator, otherwise it will lose its properties and go rancid.

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