Honey calories- are they a real threat for a slim figure?

Honey is the oldest natural sweeteners and the most complex natural antibiotic. Honey is not calories free; it actually has a high energetic value. However, it is by far better than white sugar because it is made of water 17.1%, carbohydrates 82.4%, proteins 0.5% and small amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Moreover, honey is cholesterol free.

The carbohydrates that give honey its calories are: fructose (38.5%), glucoses (31%), maltose, sucrose and other sugars (12.9%).

If you decided to give up white sugar and use honey instead as a food sweetener, you have to bear in mind that honey is two times sweeter than sugar. Honey is not a food to be included in the daily diet of diabetic or overweight people. However, as long as honey is not overly processed, it is a healthy and precious food for the human organism.

Fish Diet Lots of people use honey as a natural source of energy due to its high caloric value. Thus, a tablespoon of honey has 64 calories. Unfortunately, this figure frightens many dieters who cut of honey from their menu for fear that they might gain some extra pounds. It is true that a tablespoon of sugar has fewer calories (50 calories) but the arguments in favor of sugar stop here.

The sugars in honey can be easily turned into glucoses even by the most sensible stomachs. Thus, honey can be easily digested. On the other, the stomach needs more time to process white sugar. In white, table sugar glucose and sucrose form a single unit while in honey they form separate units. Fructose is preferred by many sweet manufacturers because it is sweeter than glucose. However, fructose is not processed as fast as glucose. Thus, food containing granule sugar turns into fats easier than honey. Sugar is a highly processed food with no vitamins and minerals. They only thing it has in abundance are the calories. This explains why so many people in developed countries suffer from various disease related to the lack of vitamins and minerals.

There are people who claim that eating sugar or honey is the same thing since there is little difference between sugar and honey calories. Thus, 100 grams of honey contain 332 kcal while 100 grams of sugar contain 392 kcal. However, the advocates of sugar forget that honey has in its composition minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are highly needed by the human body.

Honey and bread What people do not know is that sugar is crystalized and therefore it occupies less volume. Thus the paradox: 1 teaspoon of sugar=13 calories, while 1 teaspoon of honey=22 calories. This does not mean that honey is the number one enemy of a slim figure. On the contrary, the honey calories are less harmful than those in sugar. Because honey is sweeter than sugar, you need less than a teaspoon to sweeten you morning cup of tea or coffee.

Believe or not, but scientific studies have proved that in spite of the honey calories, this amazing food product can actually lead to a mild slimming if consumed with moderation. This theory was proved by the research conducted at the California University in 2004. Within this experiment the subjects were asked to eat between 4 and 10 teaspoons of honey per day for a whole month. At the end of the period, not even one of the subjects reported an extra pound above the initial weight.

If you are still in doubt, just take into consideration that one kilogram of honey contains 3.280 calories, which equals the calories of 50 eggs, 16 kilos of tomatoes, 14 kilos of potatoes, 7 kilos of carrots, 37 liters of milk, 3.4 kilos of butter, 15 loaves of bread or of 40 oranges.

All things consider it is better to replace chocolate and candies with honey, despite the dreaded honey calories. Honey in its essence is not fattening. However, any type of food consumed in excess leads to weight gain.

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