Is honey fattening?

A myth or a fact: is honey fattening?

There are many people who claim that honey is a danger for a nice-looking silhouette and are always tormented by the question: is honey fattening? In fact, honey enemies say that a teaspoon of honey taken daily before breakfast will round your figure in about two or three weeks and without notice you will take a few extra pounds.

The best thing is to ignore the advice of these honey consumption enemies. Honey is an extremely healthy food used in the Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. It is a real sacrilege to compare natural honey with refined sugar.
It is true that both products are sweet but this is the only similarity between them. Honey is not fattening! Why? Because it is a 100% natural product, while sugar is a processed food extremely rich in carbohydrates.
If you have a look in any table that presents the caloric values of food products, you will see that a teaspoon of honey has a caloric value equal to 22 kcal while a teaspoon of sugar has a value of 16 kcal.
Thus, it would have more sense to claim that honey is more fattening than sugar. However, the situation is not as it appears at a first sight. A food is not fattening only on the grounds of its calories. A food fattens a lot if it is processed and not raw as honey is.

HoneyNatural honey is made of carbohydrates such as fructose, glucoses, sucrose and other sugar types. However, these carbohydrates are combined with various vitamins, amino acids and minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. Therefore, honey is whole product while refined sugar is nothing else but a source of pure carbohydrates. Thus, we can definitely say no to the question: is honey fattening?

Because of its nutritional content and of the composition of its carbohydrates, honey is slowly digested within the stomach. The sugars extant in honey are freed in the blood stream slower than the ones extant in refined sugar.

The research done up till now, has proved that honey is not at all fattening. Studies have been carried out on people who ate five teaspoon of honey per day for a whole month. The end of the month results revealed that the people who ate honey had not gained even a pound and they were even more healthier, having a lower cholesterol level. Honey is not fattening, because like fresh fruit it is a whole food product. The calories counting should be done only in the case of processed foods and not in the case of the whole ones.

In many cultures, honey is thought to be the food of Gods. For example, in ancient India, honey was used to prepare various dishes but also to cure illnesses and pains. The research and studies done in the past few years, revealed that honey has antioxidant properties that can be used even for curing a deadly disease like cancer.

Honey consumption reduces the level of the cholesterol. The vitamins and minerals extant in honey, make it an indispensable food for a healthy diet. Honey has antibacterial properties and for this reason it can be used to successfully treat colds, flu and throat sores.

Thus, it is much healthier to use honey as a sweetener. Many people have noticed that they actually started losing weight when they began eating honey regularly. In conclusion, honey is not fattening! On the contrary, it helps you lose the pounds that bother you so much. It is a "sweet" option that you should take into consideration when going on a diet.

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