Lose weight diet based on honey - lose weight while sleeping

A Scottish pharmacist has devised a lose weight diet based on honey which helps those who want to lose those extra pounds that bother them so much.

Mike, McInnes, a 61 year old pharmacist discovered this amazing diet while he was studying the athletes' nutrition.

He found out that the consumption of fructose rich foods, such as dry fruit and honey, helps burning the fats and determines the increase of muscular strength.

The human body burns more calories during the first four hours of night sleep, than during any other activity, including sports activities. The consumption of two teaspoons of honey before bedtime combined with regular physical exercises at least three times a week, stimulates this process.

Adult woman losing weight McInnes claims that most theories about losing weight are not correct. He says that most people have the impression that they can lose weight if they skip dinner reduce the carbohydrates consumption and spend hours training in a gym.

The pharmacist says that with the help of his diet only fats are burnt. The right moment to burn fats is during the first four hours of night sleep. Honey eating before bedtime activates the natural recovery process of the human organism thus leading to the fat burning. This effect is stimulated by fifteen minutes sessions of physical exercises, done three times a week.

This diet was tested on professional athletes. Through this diet people can at the same time lose weight and improve their diet, making it healthier.

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