Beekeeping Calendar -Winter

Winter beekeeping activities

What kind of activity unfolds within a beekeeping hive in winter time? The queen bee is surrounded by thousands of working bees in the middle of the bee cluster. When the weather gets colder, the cluster is formed in the central part of the hive. Although, it might be freezing cold outside, the temperature within the hive is quite high. The honeybees produce heath by constantly moving their wings.

There is no drone inside the hive during winter. The bees feed themselves with the honey stored in the honeycombs. Some bees leave the hive in winter, but they cannot survive outside and they eventually die. This is not an abnormal phenomenon. Honeybees do not defecate inside the hive. They will do this only when the outside temperature is high enough to allow them to leave the hive and carry on the so called "cleansing flight".

What does a beekeeper have to do in winter?

1.Check the hive entrance and clean the it from snow or dead bees.

2.Check is the honeybees have enough food.

There are high chances for them to dies of starvation in late winter and early spring. Towards the end of winter, in a sunny, warm and wind free day, it is better to check the interior of your beekeeping hives. However, do not remove any frame; just glance under the cap. Look for the bees- you should find them gathered in a cluster in the upper side of the box. If there is no sealed honey in the upper side of the frames, it is high time you started feeding your bees. But bear in mind, that once the artificial feeding is started, it cannot be stopped until the bees will be able to bring in the nectar needed to produce honey.

Colorful yellow and blue beehives covered with snow

3. Clean, repair and properly store the bee equipment for the winter.

4. Attend apiculture seminars and read as many as you can about honeybees and beekeeping

5. Order the necessary equipment from reliable suppliers.

6. It would be better to find a hobby related to apiculture, like the production of beeswax candles or mead.

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