Benefits of beekeeping

You will be surprised to hear how many benefits beekeeping has. In the following lines we have listed the most important ones; however, they are by far much more numerous.

1. Beekeeping is an activity that can be practiced by almost everyone, young or old, man or woman. You do not have to be the owner of a piece of land in order to have your own apiary, although people having a garden are truly blessed. If you live in an apartment building, you can keep a hive or two on the roof, as long as your neighbors agree with it.

2. Apiculture is an activity that does not require too much time investment. In summer time, visiting your apiary once a week is enough, while in winter a once a month visit is all that is needed. The bee equipment is not very expensive when compared to the one needed for other agricultural activities.

Beekeeper moving hive 3. You do not have to exhaust all you're your bank account if you want to become a beekeeper. Though, you have to invest some money in the special costume that a beekeeper has to wear when handling honeybees and in some bee tools. It is better to purchase qualitative equipment rather than a cheaper but less resistant one.

4. The basic beekeeping rules are not difficult to master and as long as you treat the honeybees with respect, there should not occur too many problems.

5. The honeybees are extremely important insects because the provide pollination for both cultivated and wild plants.

6. Apiculture can lead to other activities like fruit tree growing and gardening.

7. Beekeeping can help people improve their overall self-esteem, since it helps them obtain a profit without having to invest too much money.

8. The honey is a product that can commercialized at a local, regional, national and even international level, without having to comply with special storage laws. However, the minimal hygienic rules have to be taken into consideration and respected.

9. Honey and the other hive products have extraordinary therapeutic properties.

10. The majority of beekeeping products can be used as food, food supplements or medicine.

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