How to start beekeeping?

Beekeeping is one of the oldest occupations of human beings. We do not know exactly how the man turned into a beekeeper but we know that the Stone Age hunters were gathering the honey of wild bees. This occupation crossed ages, cultures and religions without using its appeal and usefulness. Beginner beekeepers should not start their journey through the amazing world of honeybees without having a little basic knowledge. It is true that most beekeepers learn from their own experience but it is better not to make too many mistakes from the very beginning.

A few important facts about bee stings

Before turning beekeeping into a hobby or an income revenue it is better to bear in mind that all bees sting. The bees will sting you, your family and your friends who happen to be in the hive perimeter. For the majority of people the honeybee's sting is not very dangerous, causing a more or less powerful pain and a certain discomfort. However, for 0.4% of the world's population the honeybee's sting is deadly, causing anaphylactic shock.

There are a few factors that indicate that a person is allergic to the honeybees' sting. But there are many cases in which a person gets stung by a honeybee, not knowing that the sting might turn put lethal. Thus, it is normal for the stung area to swallow a little bit. But if the respective region swallows too much, if areas of the body located far away from the stung area start itching or if you encounter difficulties while breathing, than it is high time for you to start worrying. If you are stung by a honeybee the first thing to do is to carefully remove the sting and then apply on the stung area a cold compress.

How can I get more information about bees and beekeeping?

Reading beekeeping magazines and books is an excellent way to find out more about bees and beekeeping. The internet is also a very valuable source of information because you can share your problems and find new solution and ideas by reading forums and sited dedicated to beekeeping and beekeepers.

However, no matter how much research you do in advance, it is almost impossible to handle the emotions that overcome you the moment you remove the top of the beehive and you see thousands of bees swarming from here to there.

Start beekeeping
If you have the possibility, it would be better to first accompany an experienced beekeeper in his/her apiary to see the way he/she actually works. You could be some sort of apprentice. It is very important to learn how to open properly a beekeeping hive and take out the honeycomb frames without bothering to much the honeybees.

It is very important to learn how to differentiate the working honeybees from the drones and the queen bee. No matter how many pictures you see, nothing can be compared with the actual experience of seeing thousands of honeybees swarming inside a beehive.

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