Cloudy wing virus

Researchers believe that honey bee viruses like the cloudy wing virus are the main factors that have to be blamed for the outburst of the dangerous bee disease known as Colony Collapse Disorder. These viruses put bee families under tremendous stress making them sensible to infections of any kind. This virus usually infests individuals belonging to the Apis Melliferra genre.

The Cloudy Wing Virus is quite wide spread on the UK territory, affecting fifteen per cent of the extant bee families. The infected individuals present opaque wings that have lost their transparency. The infected honey bees die in a short while after having been infested. The virus enters the bee trachea when it inhales the infested air. The virus is more likely to develop in bee families infested with Varroa Destructor. This mite is believed to act as a vector for the Cloudy Wing Virus.

There is no medical cure for a bee family infested with the cloudy wing virus. Hygiene and regular administration of varroa medication are the best solution from preventing the outburst and spread of this virus within an apiary.

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