Honey bee Diseases

Healthy Honey Bees

Diseases of the honey bees are not an uncommon thing since bees like all other creatures on Earth are sensible to environment influences. The diseases of the honey bees can drastically reduce the number of honey bees within a bee colony transforming it into an unproductive one and causing lots of problems for beekeepers. Thus, any professional beekeeper must have the necessary knowledge to prevent and immediately identify any disease of the honey bees so as to assure the health and wellbeing of his/hers bee families.

Despite the method used for raising and keeping honey bees, advantageousness and progress cannot be achieved unless the honey bees are in a state of good health and have a normal unfolding of their biological cycle. The theory is easy to understand however, the practice is much more difficult. Fighting the diseases of the honey bees requires a lot of work and dedication from the beekeeper's part.

Most common diseases of the honey bees

The most common and wide spread diseases of the honey bees are the Varroa mites and the Varroosis. The Nosema is also quite common and it is triggered by a protozoan called Nosema apis which makes it nests and starts multiplying inside the bee's middle intestine. Nosema is considered to be a diseases caused by dirt and uncleanliness. It usually affects honey bees in late winter and early spring and sometimes even in autumn. The diseases of the honey bees can be divided into two main categories: contagious and non-contagious diseases. They can also be categorized into: pests and parasites, bacterial diseases, fungal diseases, viral diseases and others.

Classification of diseases of the honey bees

  1. Pest and Parasites: Varroa Mites, Nosema, Acarine Mites, Small Hive Beetle, Wax Moths
  2. Bacterial Diseases: American Foulbrood, European Foulbrood
  3. Fungal Diseases: Chalkbrood, Stonebrood
  4. Viral Diseases: Chronic Paralysis Virus, Acute Bee Paralysis Virus, Israel Acute Paralysis Virus, Black Queen Cell Virus, Kashmir Bee Virus, Sacbrood Virus, Cloudy Wing Virus, Deformed Wing Virus, Varroa Destructor Virus 1, Invertebrate Iridescent Virus
  5. Other diseases of the honey bees: Chilled Brood, Dysentery, Colony Collapse Disorder, Pesticide Losses

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