Acacia Honey

Acacia Honey is obtained from acacia flowers and it has a remarkable purity and clarity. It is one of the most famous and sweetest types of honey, because of the delicate flavor that still bears the smell and the scent of acacia flowers.

It preserves its liquid state for a long period of time due to its high fructose content. Its low sugar level, makes it a perfect choice for people suffering form diabetes.

Acacia Honey is famous for its therapeutic properties. It helps cleaning the liver, regulates the bowel transit time and it is a perfect anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system.

It is an excellent sweetener because it does not alter the taste or the flavor of any kind of drink. It turns tea into a delicious experience. Children love it for its sweetness and delicacy.

It is a monofloral honey, meaning that it is produce from the nectar that the honeybees collect from a single type of plant- the acacia (in this case).

The chemical composition of acacia honey

The acacia honey contains lots of vitamins (especially B1, B2, B6 and B12), fitohormons, aromatic compounds, organic acids, flavones, flavonoids, dextrin and various nitrogen compounds. In fact, the acacia honey contains 435 substances. The fructose content of acacia honey is with 41.7% higher than the one of other honey varieties. It also contains sucrose and maltose (10%) and glucose represents 34.7% of its composition.

Acacia honey in a small glass

Other information about acacia honey

Unfortunately, the acacia honey is a type of honey that can easily be counterfeited. Water dissolved sugar is introduced within the hives and the honeybees produce a type of honey that can be distinguished from the natural one only with the help of laboratory analysis. A powerful acacia sent is not a sign that the honey you have bought is a pure one. On the contrary, it means that an acacia infusion has been poured into the honey.
Acacia honey has a high energetic value. Thus 1 kg= 3000 kcal.

Acacia honey is used for curing the following diseases: ulcer, insomnia, stress, asthenia, neurosis, cough, appetite increase, digestion problems, improvement of heart and liver functioning, increase of the number of blood hemoglobin, etc. Acacia honey is ideal for curing cough because it has an antiseptic effect. It has a very low level of acid and for this reason it is used to cure digestive problems associated with an abundant secretion of gastric acid. It does not produce powerful allergic reactions because it has little pollen in its composition. Acacia honey is an excellent tonic for pregnant women, children and convalescent people.

Even though there are many types of honey, the majority of honey eaters prefer the acacia honey. Why? Because this type of honey does not crystallize easily and it can be found in almost every food store. However, its nutritive qualities and chemical composition are inferior to those of other honey varieties.

Acacia honey is more expensive than polifloral honey because it is more difficult to obtain it and it crystallizes only after 8 to18 months from the harvesting moment.

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