Polyfloral honey

This kind of honey is made from the nectar of various types of flowers. It color and flavor vary according to the main nectar source.

Poly floral honey is considered a perfect honey types and it is used in curing many illnesses and health problems. It has complex composition consisting of: B and C vitamins, enzymes (invertase, catalase and amylase), organic acids (lactic acid, gluconic acid) and various minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus). Its composition of simple sugars, glucose and fructose makes it easy to assimilate.

It has a high energetic value: 1kg= 3000 Kcal. Even crystallized, poly floral honey does not loose any of its healing properties. Specialists recommend honey to be consumed with moderation, two-three teaspoons with milk and fruit, two-three times a day.

This type of honey is recommended for treating child anorexia, due to its high iron content. Poly floral honey stimulates appetite, facilitates digestion, improves the heart and liver functioning, it increases the hemoglobin percentage in the blood. It is also an amazing remedy for physical and intellectual fatigue. Its consumption prevents growth problems and bones demineralization.

It is important to point out that the majority of honey buyers are convinced that acacia honey or any other mono floral honey types is better than poly floral honey. This idea is contradicted most specialists in the nutrition and beekeeping domains. Mono floral types pf honey, whether they are acacia, lime-tree, raspberry or any other plant, are inferior to poly floral honey. The poly floral honey is made from the nectar belonging to all flowers on a field or in a forest, and it contains all the minerals, vitamins and active substances of the respective plants. By eating poly floral honey, a person obtains a plus of minerals, trace elements and vitamins that the plants transfer to the honey produced by honeybees. Therefore, poly floral honey is the best honey type to be used in natural remedies.

Folk medicine recommends a mixture made of poly floral honey and lemons in order to cure liver health problems. The recipe is not very complicated. You need a few lemons that must be washed, dried and then cut into small square pieces. Do not peel the lemons! The lemon pieces are put into a jar. The next step consists in pouring honey over the lemon pieces until they are completely covered. After a few hours or days - it depends on the heat in the room- a syrup will form in the jar. This teaspoon of this syrup has to be taken three times a day, half an hour before the main meals.

Another remedy for liver health problems consists of poly floral honey and grapefruit. In the evening, you have to peel a grapefruit, cut it into square pieces and put it into a bowl. Then you add two teaspoon of liquid honey or one teaspoon of crystallized honey to the grapefruit in the bowl. You mix thoroughly, cover the bowl and leave it like this until morning. This mixture can be used as part of breakfast for anyone who wants minerals and vitamins plus. Children would love to have such a sweet, delicious and energizing breakfast.

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