Types of honey

The most varied types of honey
It would be strange for a honey eater not to know at least a few types of honey and understand their characteristics so as to be able to use them into his/her daily diet. The following lines contain a presentation of various types of honey. They are listed in accordance to their popularity.
Risks implied by honey consumption

1. According to the Ayurveda techniques, honey generates heat in out body and for this reason it is contraindicated to consume honey when it is extremely hot outside.
2. It is forbidden to consume heated honey because its action is similar to that of poison
3. You should never consume honey in equal quantities with various fats and oils
4. Honey is dangerous for babies
5. Even though honey has numerous benefits for our health, it is advisable for pregnant and nursing women to consult their physician before using it in their daily diet.

Honey Jars

Acacia Honey > Polyfloral honey > Honeydew honey > Lime-tree honey > Rape honey > Blueberry honey > Blackberry honey > Sunflower honey > Clover honey > Dandelion honey > Pumpkin honey > Alfalfa honey > Orange honey > Eucalypt honey > Avocado honey > Heather honey > Apple honey > Mint honey > Willow honey > Fennel honey > Sage honey > Buckwheat honey > Manuka honey > Rosemary honey > Lavender honey > Chestnut honey > Rhododendrons honey >

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